figure in documentation not showing.

I am trying to include a picture in the documentation of a package. I think my code is correct and the file is placed correctly, but the picture is not being shown in the documentation.

Roxygen code:

#' @section Figures:
#' \if{html}{\figure{eq_FPKA.PNG}{options: width=100\%}}

The file exists and is placed in 'man/figures':

> file.exists(here("man", "figures", "eq_FPKA.PNG"))
[1] TRUE

But when I run document() and inspect the documentation of the file it just looks like this:

The image is not displayed.
I have tried inserting a path to a file that doesn't exist. The result looks the same.
I have also tried to run install(), restart R and run the documentation on the installed package. The result is the same.

I have also tried renaming the file from 'eq_FPKA.PNG' to 'eqFPKA.PNG' to avoid the underscore, but again... no difference.

Can anybody give me some ideas as to what is going on?

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