File Deleted when copying to a folder

Hello All,
A file deletion happened when working on R Server instance on Chrome with RStudio interface. While trying to copy a .R file to a sub-folder within home folder using the interactive mode clicking 'more' -> Copy the file got deleted. Just disappeared. I was able to see the file in the recent files but when I clicked it RStudio said 'file not found'.

Although I was able to re-create the code using log contents this was a shocker. All I was doing was using the interactive mode to copy the file to another folder.

Any insight into this will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This is because the recent files only knows the file path from when you had it open last (i.e. it doesn't know where you moved it). Can you open it if you navigate to the folder where you moved it?

Hi Mara,
The file was not copied to the destination folder(a single Sub-folder within same directory). Of the two options 'Copy' and 'Copy to' I selected 'Copy'. It gave a pop up message that I clicked . Believe it was 'Ok'.

I clearly did not click 'delete' or any other option that would make the file disappear. It happened within a second or two so there was no confusion about deleting the file or not saving in the first place. etc. as the file was in use quite regularly. My suspicion was on RStudio as it was interactive although this sounds very unlikely.


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