File Directory pointer is messed up

I just installed R & RStudio.
Here's what my filelist looks like:

The directory for these files is C:\Users\me\Onedrive\Documents

This can't be right. Is there any I can change/control the opening directory?

If you really want to change the default opening directory, go to Tools -> Global Options -> General -> Default working directory (when not in a project) and select the directory you want.

I strongly recommend using R projects so that your directory is wherever the project is. You can learn a bit more here: 8 Workflow: projects | R for Data Science

You may also want to check out the here package which will start the working directory wherever your project or if there is no project where your R script is.

Thanks very much for your recommendation. I have had some success, but like what you've shown here and will try it out.

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