Files in R folder are sourced automatically when starting shiny app

I don't know what is happening.
When I run a shiny app, all scripts in the R-folder are sourced automatically (see attachment for a reproducable example).
The attatched test_app has a file ui.R, server.R, run_all.R and there are also two folders. One folder is named R and the other R_dir. Both folders contains R-scripts (in the example they only print the path in the console). Also the run_all.R-script contains a print function, for printing the path in the console.

Since I installed R version 4.02 on a Windows laptop, all R-scripts in a folder named R, are sourced autmatically. R-scripts in other folders aren't sourced automatically. (I also tested this on a macbook pro, same result). In R version 3.5.3 I didn't have this issue.

Can anyone explain to me why this is happening in R 4.0.2.
Download the reproducable shiny app here.

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