Filter data frame based on selected ggplot (plotly) fill value

I am passing a data frame into ggplot which is then rendered by plotly. Plotly allows the resulting plot to be filtered by selecting legend items, turning them on and off, which then shows filtered views of the plot - more or less points. All works very well. Is there a way to get the filtered data frame without having to build filters in R? In other words, plotly does the filtering thru user interaction and the filtered data is shown on the plot, but how do I "get" the filtered data for further use without having to build code - it's already done by plotly?

thank you.

You may need another work around to do this, you may need to use DataTables and maybe a simple Shiny app to be able to "get" the data back after it's been filtered by the interactive user. The function that can do this is renderDataTable()

yeah, I can do this thru shiny, but seems like data is being filtered already and I'm curious how to get access to this filtered data without additional code - the works already been done somehow\somewhere :slight_smile:

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