Filter() on several columns at the same time

I have a df like this one and I would like to do a multiple filter on this. I need to select my Env data per station but also per a specific depth.
Like I want to filter to have the Env data for the station 1 but only at 250m, the station 2 I want the Env data at 190m etc.
How can I do this "multiple filter"

Station   Depth Env1  Env2  Env3
1           100 (numeric data)
1           250 (numeric data)
2           280 (numeric data)
2           190 (numeric data)
2           360 (numeric data)
3           155 (numeric data)
3           580 (numeric data)

in R you can combine logical statements with

  • and &
  • or |


( new <- old |> filter((Station == 1 & Depth == 250) |
                       (Station == 2 & Depth == 190)) )

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