Find entry in a specific column in the dataframe

I'm new to R, and doing a short course, so the following question might be very easy but I can't seem to find the problem if anyone can please explain where I'm going wrong.

The question is:
Find the 1,031st entry of the passenger_count column and save the value under the name passenger_count_1031. It's in the dataframe 'taxis'

This is my code:
passenger_count_1031 <- taxis$passenger_count[1031]

It selects the correct value, which is "1". 'Passenger_count' column consists of thousands of entries, all integers of just a single number.
When I try and submit the answer I get and notification /Hint saying:

" Incorrect Submission:
The contents of the variable passenger_count_1031 aren't correct. It is a number, while it should be a list."

Any help would be appreciated.


Based on your description it looks like you have the correct answer and there is an error with the course. If you can contact the author that would seem to be your best next step.


Thanks Martin. I've gone ahead and done that now.

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