Find in files stopped working after upgrade


We updated our R Studio server Workbench yesterday to the lastest version (2022.07.1) and after this upgrade the "Search in files"-function stopped working for all users and all projects. I does not find any files.

Is this a known bug? What can i do to fix this?


Since you're using Workbench, please get in touch with our support team for this issue!

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Same problem. We got the same version and "(no results found)" every time.

Just reached out to RStudio Support and they told me to update git on the server. It works like a charm now!

Do you know what are the minimum requirements?

EDIT: I'm using RHEL which comes with git We switch to software collection version (2.27) and it working now. I suppose it is 1.x vs 2.x diffrence.

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