Find in files - The system cannot find the file specified

Hi all

I am searching for bits of code in a folder on an external hard drive using the Find in files option Ctrl+Shift+F. As usual all results appear in the Find in Files tab, however, when I double click the line of code that would normally open the R script, I get an 'Error while opening file - The system cannot find the file specified' error.

This is new behaviour as I use this feature all the time. Can anyone shed some light on how I can resolve this?

I am using R-4.1.3 and RStudio 2022.07.0 'spotted wakerobin' (my organisation updated my version of RStudio automatically hence the most recent r studio but not the most recent version of R, I'd rather not update R for historic scripts).


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I have the same problem. I reverted to RStudio 2022.02.3 and it works fine.

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