finding functions relying on another function

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I am developing a package containing a number of functions. Some of my function uses some helper functions to e.g. create a dialog for selecting folders or sorting tables.

Now my question is:
lets say I am working on the function: "outdirselect" and I want to know which other functions might be effected by the change.

How do I easily find functions that depend on this function??

I could go through all of my R files an search for the name but I was wondering if there might be a better (more easy) way to do this??

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Yes, RStudio (and other IDEs as well, or even command line tools) can search multiple files, so that is one solution.

There are more formal tools, like GitHub - r-lib/pkgapi: Create a map of functions for an R package - WORK IN PROGRESS! can return a data frame of function calls, with function locations. This might be overkill if your package is on the smaller side, and YMMV in general.

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Hey Gabor, thanks for the answer sounds promissing this pkgapi. I found the "find in files" and it worked ok but since the name of the function sometimes turnes up several places it did not really give me the result I was hoping for. Anyway, it works much better then manually going through.

btw the solution, though not ideal, was simplly to go to edit -> find in files.
Make sure to select correct folder and select R scrpts (my selection) since otherwise the results were to overwhelming.

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