First day download R but delete all files on Loptop by mistake

OMG I'm so sorry to ask this stupid question but I am very broken. This is the first day I studied econometrics. I just downloaded R and Rstudio. I selected the desktop in files in Rstudio, clicked delete, and then all the files in my computer disappeared. Could someone tell me how can I restore the files on my Mac, thanks :sob:

I am a little confused by your question,

You can redownload R & RStudio for free.

If you're asking about deleted project files (your data, R scripts, etc), your recover options are determined by your machine's operating system.

I think it's clear that Suzy means they have deleted all their files under ~/Desktop.
Not just R files. I'm not sure if the delete option in RStudio's files pane does a full rm delete or just moves files to the OS trash folder.

The standard is it goes in the trash.
Some users set their trash to perm delete, but most will have the default and can restore.

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