fit model in R with fitModel() function

am trying to use the fitModel() function to fit my data in R (I need to fit a straight or oscillating line to make a baseline correction). It seems that the function does not exist anymore - is that the case? Do you know of an equivalent function I can use? Thanks!

I googled it for you.

Thank you @nirgrahamuk , I had actually googled it myself as well and tried to use it in my code, but it seems like the function does not exist:

baseline <- fitModel(Defl_V_Rt ~ A*Height_Sensor_nm_Rt + B, data = df_sub)
Error in fitModel(Defl_V_Rt ~ A * Height_Sensor_nm_Rt + B, data = df_sub) : 
  could not find function "fitModel"

(the mosaic package is installed on my RStudio).

What is your version? Andalso remember to load it.


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