Fixed effects panel data regression


I would have to do following fixed effect regression: Dependent variable is the Sqm price and the control variables would be: Rooms, Construction Year, Floor, Elevator (1/0) and Condition (1-6). I want to regression to get average residua for every postal code area for every year from regressing prices on time dummies and unit chracteristics.

Does anyone know how I should proceed with this?

Many thanks for your help!

Assuming you don't have a large number of values in the Year variable, create a new variable that is as.factor(Year) and include it in the regression. That will give you the fixed effects. Then put the residuals into a tibble (using tidyverse) and use summarise with the .by argument to get the averages you want.

Yes I only have 13 years. I tried following, but it is not giving me sensible results.

model1 <- lm(price ~ rooms + Construction_year + Floor + Elevator + Condition + as.factor(Year))

That looks right. What is it about the results that don't look sensible?

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