Flexible Dashboard - Html file not getting knit

I get this error at random points of knitting the file:
"error while running BxlServer: caught exception: no message recieved from pipe"
However I am able to run the R code without any issue, it's just the knitting that is the issue.

What is BxlServer ?
The issue seems to come from the chunk label A/E/ trend. Can you share more details ?

It is difficult to help you with only screenshot. Unless someone has encountered the exact same error.

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The issue is that this BxlServer issue seems to be coming from different chunks at different times. So I cannot pin it to one chunk. I try to clear the knit cache but it that does not help either. I also deleted all my libraries and made R Studio re-download them. I had this error sometime back as well but I would always restart and it would be gone; this time, it just stayed. Sorry if I am not very competent at describing the nitty gritty part of the issue, I've only been programming in R for several months. What could I do in terms of describing this issue that could help identify this further? Thank you very much! Also forgot to mention that I am using Microsoft R Server Client 3.4.3 and the BxlServer is something that comes with that (not very sure of the specifics)

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