folder not appearing in RStudio file pane

When I view this directory in Finder I see a subfolder called "behavior_of_risk/":

But when I view the same directory from the RStudio File pane the subfolder is gone:

In the RStudio File paneI, if I go to "More/Show Folder in New Window", I am back in Finder, but the subfolder is gone:

I suspect you are looking at two different folders, perhaps downloaded in different ways. From your Finder, when you can see the version with the subfolder you want, try double-clicking on the .RProj file to get RStudio to launch. Once you're inside that version of the project I think you'll see the subfolder.

Thank you for your timely and accurate solution to an embarrassing oversight on my end. Indeed I had recently migrated to a new computer and on your suggestion confirmed that the root directories were slightly different.

You're so welcome! No need to be embarrassed, this is what the community is for.

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