For loops and dummy variable

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I am trying to create a dummy variable using a for loop.
I am working on the online database called NIS.
I am drying to find a specific diagnosis code across different columns let's say DX2 to DX25. I want to create a new variable hypertension=1 if code is present and 0 if not present across these different column. I tried to use the for loops but it has not been working and I am doing something wrong for sure. I was wondering if someone know how to approach this?
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You can do this using the apply() function and looping over all the rows checking if the value you are interested in is present. Here is an example:

#Generate some data
myData = data.frame(
  DX1 = LETTERS[1:5],
  DX2 = LETTERS[4:8],
  DX3 = LETTERS[c(3,5,1,9,11)]
#>   DX1 DX2 DX3
#> 1   A   D   C
#> 2   B   E   E
#> 3   C   F   A
#> 4   D   G   I
#> 5   E   H   K

# Example: Hypertension = A
myData$hypertension = apply(myData, 1, function(row){
  ifelse("A" %in% row, 1, 0)

#>   DX1 DX2 DX3 hypertension
#> 1   A   D   C            1
#> 2   B   E   E            0
#> 3   C   F   A            1
#> 4   D   G   I            0
#> 5   E   H   K            0

The apply function will loop over all rows (1, we used this) or columns (2) of a data frame performing a function you provide (here I created one).

Created on 2022-06-01 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)

Hope this helps,

Thank you so much. It has been very helpful. I am working a very large database with multiple columns. Is there a way I can apply the function to only the specific columns? In this case I want to apply it to column DX2 to DX25?

Thanks again


You can simply limit the columns over which to run the apply function like this:

#Only evaluate column DX1 and DX3
myData$hypertension = apply(myData[, c("DX1", "DX3")], 1, function(row){
  ifelse("A" %in% row, 1, 0)


Thank you so much. That helped! I used the [col1:19] and that worked as well. Now, I am trying to find different diagnosis code for same disease using OR e.g A or B. I used c("A", "B) and it didn't work. I also tried "A" |"B" but it is giving me an error. Do you know what would be the correct code for that?

Thank you


Just replace this:

ifelse("A" %in% row, 1, 0)

by this

ifelse(any(c("A", "B") %in% row), 1, 0)

You can also use all() instead of any() if you want A AND B.


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