Forecast package is always giving the same error

It's giving this error regardless of what I do. I don't know how to get out of this error.

Error: package or namespace load failed for ‘forecast’ in namespaceExport(ns, exports): undefined exports: zoo, zooreg, as.zoo, as.zoo.default, as.zooreg, as.zooreg.default, ifelse.zoo, is.zoo, merge.zoo, read.zoo, read.table.zoo, read.csv.zoo, read.csv2.zoo, read.delim.zoo, read.delim2.zoo, write.zoo, cbind.zoo, rbind.zoo, median.zoo, quantile.zoo, rev.zoo, xtfrm.zoo, plot.zoo, make.par.list, xblocks, xblocks.default, panel.plot.default, panel.plot.custom, coredata, coredata.default, coredata<-, frequency<-, index, index2char, index<-, is.regular, time<-, rollapply, rollapplyr, rollmax, rollmaxr, rollmax.default, rollmean, rollmeanr, rollmean.default, rollmedian, rollmedianr, rollmedian.default, rollsum, rollsumr, rollsum.default, na.approx, na.approx.default, na.fill, na.fill.default, na.fill0, na.locf, na.locf.default, na.locf0, na.spline, na.spline.default, na.StructTS, na.trim, na.trim.default, na.trim.ts, na.aggregate, na.aggregate.default, yearmon, as.yearmon, as.yearmon.defaul

I think this error appears when R is trying to load your package. Is this package installed?

I'd try the following, with an added argument to ensure you install all dependencies.

install.packages('forecast', dependencies = TRUE)

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