Forecasting: regression model with ARIMA errors

Hello, everyone,

I would like to create a forecast with my regression model using ARIMA Errors. I am therefore seeking for a method to forecast 52 steps ahead.

In a first step I am defining a model from training data:

xreg2 <- as.matrix(external_data_train[,c("F3","F6","F12", "F16", "F28", "F31", "F33", "F39", "F42")])
arima_reg_ext <- auto.arima(train,
                                d = NA,
                                D = NA, 
                                stationary = FALSE, 
                                seasonal = TRUE,
                                ic = c("aicc", "aic", "bic"),
                                stepwise = TRUE,
                                trace = TRUE, ## AM ENDE MIT FALSE BERECHNEN!
                                approximation = FALSE, 
                                method = NULL,  
                                test = "kpss", ##"adf" testen 
                                seasonal.test = c("seas", "ocsb", "hegy", "ch"), 
                                allowdrift = TRUE, 
                                allowmean = TRUE, 
                                lambda = "auto", 
                                biasadj = TRUE)
# Best model: Regression with ARIMA(0,1,0)            errors

Plotting the results gives the following Graphs (blue= training data & red=arima_reg_ext model)

Just as a sidenote: This is already worse than just using ARIMA without regression.

Anyway that model actually fits quiet well. I therefore will use this model to Forecast one year (52 weeks) in advance:

# defining the regression data in advance (a lot of dummy variables are used)
xreg3 <- as.matrix(alldata.complete_test[,c("F3","F6","F12", "F16", "F28", "F31", "F33", "F39", "F42")])
fcast<- forecast::forecast(arima_reg_ext, xreg=xreg3, h=52)

I receive following warning:

# Warning:
In forecast.forecast_ARIMA(arima_reg_ext, xreg = xreg3, h = 52) :
  Upper prediction intervals are not finite.

And if I plot the values, the forecast is incredibly bad.

par(mfrow = c(1,1))
plot(test, col="blue")
lines(fcast$mean, col="red")

Did I do anything wrong and can someone please help me to solve the error message, please?

Best regards

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