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Hi! Currently I am trying to use Rmarkdown to prepare a manuscript. However, I don't know how to generate a citation like Henry's (1985) or Henry's (1985, 1986). The only two formats I know are Henry (1985) (@Henry1985) and (Henry, 1985) ([@Henry1985]). Can anyone help me fix this issue?

Furthermore, when I try to cite two papers by the same author which were published in different time, the dates are reversed (e.g. Henry (1986, 1985)). Is this a common problem or is it because I am using a specific template ( Elsevier template from R package rticle)? Thank you in advance!

I don't know about citation in Latex well, but I know that by default, Rmarkdown will use pandoc citeproc to process citation written in pandoc markdown. (like explained here and Pandoc Manual)

When you output is pdf with Latex, you can use a latex package to process citations. see

Maybe natbib or biblatex will offer more customization ? :thinking:

Hope it helps

Thank you so much for your prompt reply! I will check them immediately.

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