Formatting cells using googlesheets4

Googlesheets4 is a fantastic upgrade to the older googlesheets. The functions are clearly named and the authentication is a breeze. Congratulations to @jennybryan for the fantastic work.

I am wondering if ever there will be a possibility of formatting cells / columns / sheets using R googlesheets4. The package when used along with purrr::pmap allows us to create hundreds of googlesheet files or write into hundreds of worksheets using a single line of code quite efficiently. It's a shame we having to open each file or click on each worksheet for mundane format tasks e.g. enabling text wrap or setting percentage, number or date format or changing the column widths.

This is not a rant but a gentle nudge that it would make an already great package awesome, if we can add these functions.

If there is a place where feature requests can be made, or better still, upvoting for new features, it will be nice.



Many CRAN packages have URL and BugReports fields that show where development happens:

Certainly any tidyverse package does. So is the place to go for googlesheets4.

googlesheets4 will probably eventually provide more support for the type of formatting you're talking about.

Column width is already somewhat addressed via range_autofit().

range_flood() includes an example that shows how one would currently use some low-level functions to set cell background color. Yes, all if this is possible, the hard part that is undone is figuring out how to expose this in the googlesheets4 user interface.

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