Formatting Figures - Quarto to .docx

I accidentally let the original post (Quarto to .docx - Specifying Figure Layouts) lapse, but I think this question still stands (or at a minimum is not addressed in the Quarto docs):

How does one specify figure layouts (e.g., "Square with Text Wrapping") when rendering from Quarto to .docx?

The use of a Word template file with customized styles does not resolve this question, insofar as I can tell, because figure layouts are not something that can be added to a style. Any additional guidance would be helpful.

(Also, per prior related threads--the Quarto documentation on this subject would benefit from additional content and examples so that users have more clarity about how exactly to implement the Quarto to .docx workflow in their projects.)

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Adding the link to another related post, for reference (it also contains opportunities for making the documentation more robust): Custom Styles Using Quarto and Word Templates.

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