Forum not working properly

The mobile version of the forum is not working properly (at least on Android Chrome browser), it's not possible to open a topic (see screen recording).

EDIT: I have the same problem on windows 10 with Chrome browser, internet explorer and Edge, also have tried using a VPN with IPs from U. S., Japan and South Korea with no luck.
I have changed the forum theme to Dark and now I can open topics, but the problem persist if I get back to light theme


This is very odd. Right now, I'm on Android Chrome browser myself, and it works just fine.

Chrome version: 73.0.3683.90

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It didn't work for me most of the day as well.
Now it's back to normal. Not sure what changed.

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Yep, it's OK now for me too, this has been very weird


Thanks for this.

Discourse updated and it collided with one of our plugins. I put in a temporary fix about 2-3 hours ago that seems to get topic pages working again.

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