Free labor to learn

I am new to R and would like to work on something with other people. I am willing to work for free just so I can learn and collaborate...etc. Is there a place I can go to find will work for learning kind of projects?

#tidytuesday posts weekly datasets for R users to explore, model, and visualize. They have an active community on Twitter. You can find the datasets here: GitHub - rfordatascience/tidytuesday: Official repo for the #tidytuesday project

Kaggle is a machine learning community that posts all sorts of datasets that you can use for your analysis. I think they also have projects/ contests.

I would recommend going over R fundamentals with the following tutorial:

It’s a rather short document and helped me when I was new to R. If you want to learn more about data science I would recommend R for Data Science by Hadley Wickham. It’s available for free online as a PDF or HTML doc.

Cool, thank you. I have already read r4ds and I will check out the attached pdf.
Kaggle confuses me. I can only seem to find competitions in Python.

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