Freeze (Ubuntu 20.04)

I've been struggling with the following problem, and I wonder if anyone could help:
I have RStudio 1.3.1093, R 4.03, on Ubuntu 20.04 (computer: Dell XPS).

I run RStudio, and get no error message as it opens up. I can open the pop-up windows but can't choose any option (such as "File" -> "Open File"), & I can't write anything in the console (say, "2+2"), although the prompt is duly blinking. I can't even exit the program - the drop-down menus "drop down" upon clicking, but no further action is allowed. On the right part of the screen, I can't change the different tabs (say, "Files", "Plots", "Packages", etc).

All other programs work just fine and as usual.

I tried to find some good medicine for the disease, by googling around, but to no avail. I'd greatly appreciate some help, suggestions, or general psychological support.

Thank you,


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