gains printout of only 2 groups

I have specified 10 groups. Why is response with two levels displaying only 2 groups? Please see R code used. I am looking for a good explanation of the output.

I later do a gains chart which gives a similar error. cumulative gains plot looks fine.

R code:
gains(actual, predicted, groups=10,
conf=c("none","normal","t","boot"), boot.reps=1000, conf.level=0.95,

Depth                            Cume   Cume Pct                     Mean 
 of           Cume     Resp      Resp   of Total    Lift   Cume     Model 
File     N      N      Rate      Rate      Resp    Index   Lift     Score 
   5    97     97    197.94%   197.94%      8.8%     181    181    200.00%
 100  1903   2000    104.78%   109.30%    100.0%      96    100    100.00%
Warning message:
In gains(actual, predicted, groups = 10, ties.method = c("max",  :
  Warning: Fewer distinct predicted values than groups requested

R code:

# cumulative gains chart
cumGainsChart(predicted, actual, resolution = 1/10)

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