Generalized Extreme Value Distribution (GEV) - Only get plot background

Thank you very much for your help. I wanted the aggregate option. I have one more question regarding plotting I am working on Generalized Extreme Value Distribution (GEV). I am am using daily, 3-day and 7 days aggregated precipitation values to find maximum annual precipitation. Then develop three return level plots (say up to 200 years) and I want to plot the three gplots with their threshold in the same graph.

rlplot <- function(GEV_MLE1 = gev, GEV_MLE2 = gev1,
                   GEV_MLE3 = gev2,
                   rperiods = NULL, do_ci = TRUE,
                   period = "years", unit = "in",
                   ylab = "Return Level",
                   y_seq = seq(0, 30, 5), ylim = NULL,
                   AMS_pts = TRUE, PDS_pts = TRUE,
                   colors = NULL, plottitle = "Return Level Plot")

But i only get the graph back ground. Can anyone help on this

This is a very different question, could you ask this in a new topic including a relevant reprex for this new issue?

Up until now your are just showing a lot of parameters for a function, but you are not showing the function itself and you are not providing sample data.

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