Generate ROC curve for multivariate logistic regression models

I'm attempting to generate ROC curves to compare the ability of logistic models containing 16 independent variables to classify participants with or without a particular condition. Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to share my data for reproducibility purposes yet.

I'm new to ROC curves (and fairly new to R) but it doesn't seem like pROC works for this type of model, or at least I haven't figured it out. I'm struggling to find a reproducible example of such an operation. I would be very grateful if someone could share one.

Try with InformationValue::plotROC
it works for me

Thank you but I cannot get it to work and I don't understand how to use the package with my data set. Could you please provide an example?

Hi, Good Morning
here is the solution
please download the R script and dataset from my Github.

Happy Learning

Check at this similar question, they give a consistent answer too:

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