Generating csv files

Hi, I am new to R, so I was wondering how I can generate a .csv file from multiple .csv file sources, across various folders. I am assuming I will need to do some sort of loop but I am not too sure where to start so any advice will be helpful.

I have data separated based on RCP, then their are all in unique folders with their timeseries and whether its is min/max temperature or precipitation data. The constant is that they are saved with a unique lon/lat reference number.

Example location of where file is

So basically, I need to get this data in the format of each lon/lat file has
Timeseries / Min Temp / Max Temp / Precipitation .

Hi, from what I understand, you want to do is read in data from multiple sources, combine the datasets, then generate a csv file. Is that correct? If so, that is possible.

There is no point telling us what your file location is as we don't have your data (or access to your folders). However, you can provide a reproducible example and that may help others to help you.


I see, sorry I did not realise that.

However, that is exactly what I need to do. I will post shortly my reproducible example.

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