Generating labels and figure number in R markdown

Dear colleagues,
I am trying to generate figure number and captions in R markdown so that it can be cross referenced.
Here is my YAML header:

title: "Exploratory Analysis of Chicago Crime Data in the Period, 2001 through 2018"
#author: "Jayant Singh"
#date: "1/30/2019"
    fig_caption: yes

And in the chunk with the figure, I have the following syntax,

```{r ,fig.cap= 'Concentration of Residence Crimes'}

But in the HTML output, I am unable to see the figure caption as well as the label. I am expecting to see sth like Fig one: Concentration of Residence Crimes.
May I kindly get some feedback here?thanks

Another option is to use bookdown package, this package provides built-in numbering of figures across Word, HTML and PDF.

title: "Test"
output: bookdown::html_document2

```{r setup}

# Section

text 1

```{r, fig.cap= 'first'}

text 2

# Section
```{r, fig.cap= 'second'}

text 3

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