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Hello Everyone

I am executing GeoMX downstream analysis as naive . I used R studio and R in ubuntu. When I am executing the below mentioned geomx pipeline based differential expression then my R-studio always crashed without any error:

results <- c()
for(status in c("DKD", "Bigu")) {
ind <- pData(target_GeoData_QC_Other_Probe)$class == status
mixedOutmc <-
mixedModelDE(target_GeoData_QC_Other_Probe[, ind],
elt = "log_q",
modelFormula = ~ testRegion + (1 + testRegion | slide),
groupVar = "testRegion",
nCores = parallel::detectCores(),
multiCore = FALSE)

I read there will be the mcapply function with multiCore TRUE.
In the above lines many time I get the error of cores. I need help to resolve the issue, my R-studio will not crash and complete my task.

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