Geonaut Explorer Training - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission

Geonaut Explorer Training

Authors: Matthew Dick
Working with Shiny more than 1 year

Abstract: Geonauts needed to guide interstellar energy extraction!

Full Description: This is a simulation interface to the Emiliarium Astro Extraction program.

This a simulation of the exploration prowess of the geonauts. A "true" resource is generated on start up of the simulation and the geonauts will direct exploration to best understand the resource.

Current functionality allows deployment of subsurface scanning drones and nano-corers for sampling. Results can be visualised and modeled, and projected energy returns over time are displayed.

Soon-to-come functionality will be a score of the modeled and planned extraction plan versus the true resource.

Hints - emilium is present in sheets which tend to dip down from the surface outcrop, but due to radiation bombardment through the surface strata, the energy content is depleted where the strata was insufficiently thick to guard it.

Extraction of depleted emiliarium will incur energy costs with no energy gain - so understanding the depletion line is of utmost importance.

Category: Education
Keywords: Geoscience, game, educational
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