Get the census data from the block group based on specific addresses

Hello I have a problem extracting the census data from the block group in R. I have a bunch of specific addresses and I need to get the block group from these addresses and then extract corresponding census data, say the percentage of white/black/asian/hispanic/two races/other based on the block group. My code does not work out . Can you help me with it? Really appreciate it.


get_geocode_data <- function(address) {
  # The URL for the geocoding request
  url <- ""

  # The parameters for the request
  params <- list(
    address = address,
    format = "json",
    benchmark = "Public_AR_Current",
    vintage = "Current_Current"

  # Make the request
  response <- GET(url, query = params)

  # Parse the response
  content <- content(response, "parsed", "application/json")

  # Extract the geographies data if it exists
  if (length(content$result$addressMatches) > 0) {
    geographies <- content$result$addressMatches[[1]]$geographies
  } else {
    geographies <- NULL


addresses <- c(
  "Administration Building, 400 Bizzell St, College Station, TX 77843",
  "1210 Varsity Dr., E. Carroll Joyner Visitor Center, Raleigh, NC 27606",
  "1331 Cir Park Dr, Knoxville, TN 37916"

geocoding_data <- map(addresses, get_geocode_data)

# Define census API key

get_population <- function(geographies) {
  # If geographies is NULL, return NA
  if (is.null(geographies)) {

  # Extract the state, county, tract, and block group
  state <- geographies$`2010 Census Blocks`[[1]]$STATE
  county <- geographies$`2010 Census Blocks`[[1]]$COUNTY
  tract <- geographies$`2010 Census Blocks`[[1]]$TRACT
  block_group <- geographies$`2010 Census Blocks`[[1]]$BLKGRP

  # Print out the geography parameters
  print(paste("State:", state))
  print(paste("County:", county))
  print(paste("Tract:", tract))
  print(paste("Block group:", block_group))

  # Get the total population for the block group
  population <- get_acs(
    geography = "block group",
    variables = "B01003_001",
    state = state,
    county = county,
    tract = tract,
    blockgroup = block_group


# Get the total population for each block group
populations <- map(geocoding_data, get_population)

To install your API key for use in future sessions, run this function with install = TRUE. [1] "State: " [1] "County: " [1] "Tract: " [1] "Block group: " Getting data from the 2017-2021 5-year ACS Error in map(): :information_source: In index: 2. Caused by error: ! Your API call has errors. The API message returned is error: unknown/unsupported geography heirarchy. Backtrace: 1. purrr::map(geocoding_data, get_population) 2. purrr:::map_("list", .x, .f, ..., .progress = .progress) 6. global .f(.x[[i]], ...) 7. tidycensus::get_acs(...) 10. tidycensus:::load_data_acs(...) 11. base::stop(...)

[image] Show Traceback

Error in map(geocoding_data, get_population) : Caused by error: ! Your API call has errors. The API message returned is error: unknown/unsupported geography heirarchy.

Looks like the problem starts early. Try


Thanks for your reply. I tried following codes:

populations <- map(get_geocode_data(addresses[1]), get_population)

but it returns list(). Can you show me the entire code? Thanks for your help.

Just literally that—fetching the first address in the addresses list; I get nothing.

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