Getting "error in object[[name, exact = TRUE]] : subscript out of bounds" when using vader_df() function

I am trying to use the vader package in order to conduct Vader Sentiment Analysis which allows you to understand the sentiment of text beyond the individual word. the vader_df function from the package allows the calculation of multiple texts contained within a vector or column in a
dataframe. The data im putting through the function looks like this:

Specificailly the Text column. I first started by running the entire column into the function. However I got the error mentioned in the title. I wrongly assumed that had something to do with the amount of data being put through it, so I then split the data into 10 dataframes. This time around the function worked for the first of the dataframes but not the next 9. I am not very sure as to what is going on; it doesnt make sense to me that a function would work fine with one portion of the same set of data and not others. This is what I was doing:

n <- 1000
nr <- nrow(data)
data2 = split(data, rep(1:ceiling(nr/n), each=n, length.out=nr))
datavader1 = data2[[1]]
datavader2 = data2[[2]]
datavader3 = data2[[3]]
datavader4 = data2[[4]]
datavader5 = data2[[5]]
datavader6 = data2[[6]]
datavader7 = data2[[7]]
datavader8 = data2[[8]]
datavader9 = data2[[9]]
datavader10 = data2[[10]]

vader1 = vader_df(datavader1$Text)
vader2 = vader_df(datavader2$Text)
vader3 = vader_df(datavader3$Text)
vader4 = vader_df(datavader4$Text)
vader5 = vader_df(datavader5$Text)
vader6 = vader_df(datavader6$Text)
vader7 = vader_df(datavader7$Text)
vader8 = vader_df(datavader8$Text)
vader9 = vader_df(datavader9$Text)
vader10 = vader_df(datavader10$Text)

I also tried subsetting by doing data[1:1000,] for the entirety of the dataset as well as just creating a vector from data$Text and the same error continues to occur. What exactly does this error mean and what are the usual solutions to deal with it?

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