Getting Java error when running driver drake

I ran into a problem, while running 'driverdrake' within 'renv', It state that Java is not available. I have updated the java path and using jdk- please help me resolve this issue.
Below i have given the codes and the error.

> Sys.setenv(JAVA_HOME = 'C:\GCAM_V6\JAVA\jdk-\')

Loading gcamdata
>driver_drake(xmldir = "xml/Other")
GCAM Data System v5.1
Found 420 chunks
Found 4265 chunk data requirements
Found 2416 chunk data products
1452 chunk data input(s) not accounted for
target xml.Other.magicc.xml
x fail xml.Other.magicc.xml
Error: target xml.Other.magicc.xml failed.
'"java"' not found
run_xml_conversion(set_xml_file_helper(magicc.xml[[1]], file_out("xml/Other/magicc.xml")))
system2("java", args, stdout = TRUE, stderr = TRUE)
In addition: Warning message:
Missing files for target xml.Other.magicc.xml:

what is this ? googling it doesnt turn up anything seemingly relevant...

you may search driver_drake for r. my bad, i missed to use the underscore

Seems like you found the official issue page : error in java integration with driver_drake · Issue #1250 · JGCRI/gcamdata · GitHub and logged your issues there; I'm including that here for other interested parties.

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