getting no error message but program not working


I'm trying to extend a colleague's code. But since I have no experience with R, it's difficult for me.

I have here a little snippet of the code. When i add the part in bold to the code it's not working anymore but I'm not getting any error messages.

In an extra program the snippet is working, so i just wanted to add this to this program. I have no idea whats the problem here.

      tabItem(tabName = "box1",
              textOutput("currentTime", container = span),       
      box(title = strong(h1("Montagebox 1")), width = 12, status = "purple", solidHeader = T,
                       **tags$style(HTML(".mycontainer > div {boarder-style:groove;**
**                                       width:15em;height:12em;padding:1em;}")),**
**                       div(class="mycontainer",**
**                           div(tags$label(tags$u("Second")),**
**                               textOutput("barcode_second"),)**
**                           ),**
                      tags$textarea(id = "id_box1", rows =  1, cols = 23, "", autofocus = "autofocus")),         
                         inputId = "minus_ma_box1",
                         label = "- 1",
                         style  = "font-size: 12pt;
                            font-weight: bold;
                            color: white;
                            height: 100%;
                            width: 100%;
                            background-color: #009999;
                            border-radius: 6px")),

In the absence of a reproducible example, you would do well to be as descriptive as possible about what your problem is.

you say, 'its not working anymore', but theres no error message.
Does the shiny app open ?
does it display the content it otherwise used to display, or things that used to be there are gone ?
does it show everything it used to show, but not show what you hoped to add ?
does everything else work as normal ? or in what way does it not work ? buttons that used to cause things to change no longer do ?

Without a reprex, and only this fragment of your code, and with a lack of description of what your issue is , it will be very hard to help you. So please provide more details about the specif ways in which things arent working

The shiny App is running yes.
When i run it i got little menu page with different Boxes on it:

When i usally click on a box a new page is opening and so on. But after adding my little thing the page is not opening.

I would guess you broke your UI by unbalancing the brackets. brackets that open ( need to correspondingly close at some point )

If you remove your 'new code' does the app go back to a good working condition ? I recommend you use version control to maintain a good working version of your code, and make it easier to track your changes. RStudio IDE has good git integration.

It seems the app you are using is a shinydashboard app.
I recommend you look at the instructional material for shiny dashboard here :
Getting started with Shiny Dashboard (

I think i have all needed brackets.

Yes when i remove it, it's reworking as it should. Okay i will have a look to the instructional.

But would you say that with my code or putting it in that place is all fine?

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