getting R Studio to knit files with an extension other than Rmd

My employer is moving everything over to Office 365, including using OneDrive. The problem is that they are blocking files with the extension .rmd due to it being used by zeta ransomware as the file extension for files that are encrypted and held for ransom. They are absolutely unbending on this so it's up to me to deal with it. One solution that I tried was to simply change the extension on .Rmd files to .Rmds and this seems to get around the file blocking. However, RStudio doesn't like it. I can tell the editor to treat the file as an RMarkdown file and syntax highlight works. However, when I knit the file, it does not execute any of the code chunks. Is there a way to tweak RStudio so that it recognize these files as rmarkdown?

This is a guess based on looking at rmarkdown package code, but you could try forking it and adding your own extension to the render function for whether or not a document requires knitting:

I think thats a solution right there in that 'rmarkdown' is a useable extension :slight_smile:

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Ooh! Good call! I totally forgot about that. :boom:

Awesome! Thanks. As soon as I saw line 348 I realized that rmarkdown was a valid extension and tried that. Well, that was an easy fix. Thank you.

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