getting the occurrence of frequency in header in table

i want to have the total cases in header itself with in the table. so the total number of responses can be included in table.

i want to have spss table type so i a using expsss here

df <- data.frame("TB1"=c("OPS", "OPS",  "HR",   "ADMIN",    "HR",   "ADMIN",    "ADMIN",    "HR",   "HR",   "HR",   "Sales",    "Sales",    "Sales",    "HR",   "HR",   "HR",   "HR",   "Sales",    "Sales"),
                 "TB2"=c("Sales",   "ADMIN",    "ADMIN",    "Sales",    "ADMIN",    "ADMIN",    "ADMIN",    "HR",   "HR",   "HR",   "HR",   "HR",   "HR",   "OPS",  "OPS",  "OPS",  "OPS",  "HR",   "HR"),
                 "TB3"=c("ADMIN",   "Sales",    "OPS",  "Sales",    "HR",   "ADMIN",    "HR",   "HR",   "ADMIN",    "ADMIN",    "HR",   "HR",   "HR",   "OPS",  "HR",   "OPS",  "HR",   "HR",   "Sales"),
                 "TB4"=c("Global",  "Regional", "Regional", "Global",   "Global",   "Regional", "Regional", "Global",   "Global",   "Regional", "Regional", "Global",   "Global",   "Regional", "Global",   "Regional", "Global",   "Regional", "Global"))

banner <- with(df, list(total(),TB4))

t1 <-  tab1 <- expss::cro_cpct(df$TB1, banner)

required output

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