Getting "unable to start device PNG"


Below is my code,

pngFileName = paste(pngFileName, weekBeginning, sep = "_")
pngFileName = paste(pngFileName, "png", sep = ".")
png(filename = pngFileName, width = 6000, height = 5250, res = 200)

writeFile=paste(writeFile,"csv", sep = ".")

vplayout <- function(x, y) viewport(layout.pos.row = x, layout.pos.col = y)
pushViewport(viewport(layout = grid.layout(7, 6)))
write.table(dataFinal3, file=writeFile, row.names=FALSE, sep=',')

and I am getting the below error:

rpy2.rinterface.RRuntimeError: Error in .External2(C_X11, paste("png::", filename, sep = ""), g$width, :

  • unable to start device PNG*

See if you can do this with a stated filename for a single plot, to eliminate the possibility of malformed file names. If that doesn't work, a cairo library may be needed for the system. Details depend on the OS.

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