gganimate: file_renderer failed to copy frames to the destination directory

Hi guys!

My issue is connecting to gganimate, the goal is to create a gif file. I use R studio and Windows 10.
used the following code:



p <- ggplot(
aes(x = gdpPercap, y=lifeExp, size = pop, colour = country)
) +
geom_point(show.legend = FALSE, alpha = 0.7) +
scale_color_viridis_d() +
scale_size(range = c(2, 12)) +
scale_x_log10() +
labs(x = "GDP per capita", y = "Life expectancy")

Myplot <- p + transition_time(year) +
labs(title = "Year: {frame_time}")

The error message is the following:
Warning message:
file_renderer failed to copy frames to the destination directory

Interesting is that, it creates jpg files, but it is really far from the goal.
Thank you for help in advance

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Do you have gifski package installed on your computer? I think, you are coming across the same issue I've came across -


Hello Marcell, mr mishabalyasin is correct: the source code for gganimate is on github

and in the comments of the source code it says:

" ' @details The gifski_renderer() is used unless otherwise specified in
#' [animate()] or in options('gganimate.renderer'). This renderer requires
#' both the gifski and png packages to be installed."

PROBLEM IS: it's not in the Xubuntu repository (synaptic) anymore? where is a good safe download for gifski?

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From looking at the help for gifski_renderer(), it seems to be part of gganimate...I also installed & loaded the PNG and gifski libraries, but still get the OP's error.

Do you get any errors/warnings when you load gifski (library(gifski))?

No, no errors thrown.

"no errors thrown", meaning you HAVE gifski installed via Rstudio environment? (i.e. Rstudio downloaded Rust compiler framework and compiled and "make" gifski)?

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