gganimate objects fills entire R-shiny screen. gganimate object removes input bars and sliders

If I plot a gganimate object in a Shiny app, it takes up the whole screen! Completely removing all my nice input bars. I want to know, how do I keep my inputs?

Please take a look at this simple example.

Thanks in advance for the help !


library ( shiny )
library ( gganimate)
library ( ggplot2)

ui = fluidPage(
  textInput("a","put letters here",value = "dave" ),

server = function(input, output){
  output$b= renderPlot ( {
   p = ggplot(iris, aes(x = Petal.Width, y = Petal.Length)) + 
     ggtitle ( input$a)
  animate ( p,nframes = 40)
   } )

shinyApp ( ui  , server)

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