ggarrange throwing errors when trying to produce composite figure

Hi there,

I'm attempting to produce a composite figure using ggarrange, however I keep getting the error "argument is missing, with no default"

There is also a flag up to say "missing argument to function call"

My script looks something like this like this:

ggarrange(Al_Figure, As_Figure, Ba_Figure, Be_Figure, Cd_Figure,, Cr_Figure, Cu_Figure, Fe_Figure, 
          Hg_Figure, Mn_Figure, Ni_Figure, P_Figure, Pb_Figure, Sr_Figure, V_Figure, Zn_Figure,)

I can see these plots individually but I'm not sure if ggarrange is still in use? Thanks for the help! (this is also my first post on here so sorry if the script looks wrong!)

Does it work if you remove that final comma?

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