ggplot2 for python


Not a pleasant question to ask but will still ask as I struggling with customising plots in python.

Are there any plans of creating ggplot2 library for python anytime soon? I've seen one attempt but it has low support on other platforms. I've also tried other plotting libraries in python but am not particularly excited about any as documentation is poor and the structure is not as good as ggplot2.

I love ggplot2 and thus would love to have the ability to use ggplot2 superpowers while working on python too.

Would appreciate a response from the core team.


I'm not one of the developers, but what's the problem with this implementation?

I used another library, not this one.
Why I asked my question:

  1. Not sure whether these pseudo-ggplot libraries on python are being actively developed + unsure about the support they receive.
  2. I am customising my plots a lot- these libraries might not meet my requirement; also unsure about the quality of their documentation
  3. I intend to create a web app using streamlit, which doesn't (explicitly) support these libraries.

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