ggplot2 graph HELP!

Does anyone know how I can get the following graph using ggplot2 and the gapminder dataset?

BBC Visual and Data Journalism cookbook for R graphics
use bbplot for their style.
You can study the use of ggplot in general from here

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it doesn't show me how to get a plot to look exactly like that? How do I get one to look like the one above?

Do you have any data? What code have you tried?
I'd rather assist you in finishing off something you started than to do an entire work for you...

I don't have any data and I've just been experimenting with gapminder

Then you are in trouble, as this data you want to show isn't contained in the gapminder dataset.
So it would be difficult to prepare something that looks similar to this plot without similar data.

Here you may find it:

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