ggsave exports graph that looks different from what is displayed in Rstudio

I am generating a graph as follows:

chn_1 <- ggplot(gft_k_im[country == "CHN"], aes(x=imp_sha_2007, y=c_gft_k_2007)) + 
    geom_point(alpha=0.3, aes(size=imports_2007, color=continentb)) + 
    theme_ipsum(axis_title_size = 12) +
    labs(x="Import Share (in %)", y = "Change in GFT (in %)") +
    labs(size = "Imports (in bn.)", color = "Continent") +
    geom_smooth(method=lm,se=FALSE) + 
    geom_label_repel(aes(label = partner), 
                  max.overlaps = 70,
                  min.segment.length = 0,
                  box.padding   = 0.5, 
                  point.padding = 0.1,
                  segment.color = 'grey50')

The output looks as follows (which is what I want):

But when exporting the graph using ggsave the graph looks like this with more labels than I want:

ggsave("processed/graphs/chn_1.pdf", plot = chn_1, 
       device = cairo_pdf,
       width = 10, height = 6, dpi = 150)

Any idea why that happens? Sorry for not providing reprex. I'm not sure how to recreate that problem with toy data. Thanks!

You need to set the width , height and dpi such that the dimensions of the image produced by ggsave at least roughly matches those of the viewer image that you favour

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You are absolutely right! Thanks for the hint, I had no clue that would be relevant.

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