ggsurvplot - changing xlimit for subgroups


I am working with ggsurvplot to represent survival for 3 groups over time. For each group I would like to only plot its survival for a certain period of time. Been working on this for awhile and can't seem to figure it out. Any thoughts on how to do this? Something like changing xlim for each group but keeping the rest of the plot the same. Right now it will plot each group until there are 0 observations but I would like to stop plotting each group after a set time instead

ex. for time_group=1 i would like to plot for time=10, for time_group=2 i would like to plot for time =7 and for time_group=3 I would like to plot for time=3

sfit <- survfit(Surv(AG_FU_YEARS, DEAD)~ TIME_GROUP, data=data)

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