ggvenn: how to import the delimited txt files correctly?

I am really new to RStudio, and I just started using "ggVenn" package to import my delimited txt files into R, but I don't know what the main issue it is when I combine two txt files. Here is my imported data looks like:

and 90F has the same format multiple rows, but two columns only
then I used a <- list("80F","90F") followed by ggvenn(a)
but the error message pops out Error in prepare_venn_data(data, columns, show_elements, show_percentage, : list dataor vectorcolumn should be length between 2 and 4
So does it suggest the columns issue in the imported file? If it does, how do I fix that?
Since I am pretty new here, did I load the imported data correctly?
The ggVenn guide is listed here. Thank you for your time

It's a bit difficult to read a screen shot but your first command is incorrect. . You probably want something like

a  <- read.delim( "80F")

or just

a  <- read.csv("80F")

assuming R is set to your working dictionary.

Have a look at FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example ( reprex ) for beginners for some suggestions on asking questions here.

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