Git Push and Pull buttons greyed out, but Pull with Rebase works?

I have the same situation as Push and Pull buttons for Git are not enabled in RStudio, except that solution does not work.

I noticed that there is a pull-down menu on the Pull button that does "Pull with Rebase" which works.

The remote repo shows up under branches and in the history window. Commands from console work.

The only wrinkle may be that I am connecting RStudio to a Azure DevOps Repo and I haven't seen much discussion of that.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


System Information:

  • git version
  • RStudio Edition: Desktop
  • RStudio Version: 1.2.5019
  • OS Version: Windows 10.0
  • R Version: 3.5.0
  • sessionInfo():R version 3.5.0 (2018-04-23)
    Platform: x86_64-w64-mingw32/x64 (64-bit)
    Running under: Windows 10 x64 (build 17763)

Matrix products: default

[1] LC_COLLATE=English_United States.1252 LC_CTYPE=English_United States.1252
[3] LC_MONETARY=English_United States.1252 LC_NUMERIC=C
[5] LC_TIME=English_United States.1252

attached base packages:
[1] stats graphics grDevices utils datasets methods base

loaded via a namespace (and not attached):
[1] compiler_3.5.0 tools_3.5.0

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