Git tab causing Rstudio to freeze

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I recently synced Rstudio with a git account, and now when I open Rstudio the git tab tries to load every single file pathway available on my computer. This causes the Rstudio application to freeze indefinitely, and I have had to force quit multiple times. Is there a simple way to reset the git pathway? -

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From Troubleshooting Guide: Using RStudio

You can remove git repositories at the command line.

git is something that is associated with a project. So you can create projects with or without git (or other version control). RStudio detects whether a project has git set up for it and provides some buttons to do simple things. You can also work with git at the command line - in the git pane choose More|Shell.

This is my go-to aid for RStudio git stuff:

If git is preventing you from opening a project, I would create a new project and copy the files across manually. The delete the offending old project.