Git tab empty (Rstudio and GitHub linking process)

This is the first time I'm using RStudio and GitHub. In the process linking RStudio with GitHub something have failed. I'm going to explain the steps I followed and where I got stuck.

I've set up this:

-Install Git for Windows, set global username and email address.

-Enable Git Support in RStudio Global Options, and created ssh rsa key.

-Configure the ssh key in github.

-I created a simple github repository (testing).

-Created New Project (cloned git repository using URL

-Created a R script "Testing.R"

But when I check in the Git tab (in the environment quadrant) nothing appears....

I don't know what is failing, any ideas?

Windows version 7
RStudio version 1.1.463

Thanks in advance

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Is there a git pane or not ? I am not clear.

In case you see not git pane

Do you know if git executable path in the PATH environment variable ?
Also, check Tools > Global Options > Git/SVN, where you can select the path to your git executable.

However, if you managed to clone you repo, RStudio have found git. So it should work.

You may have already try, but sometime you need to restart rstudio after creation of a new RStudio project with git. RStudio should guess the project is a git repo and show the pane.

if you see a git pane

What do you mean by nothing appears ? In the git pane, you'll only the changes of file that are already followed or new to git. When everything is up to date you see nothing and it is normal.
What are you expecting ?

First of all thank you for your time!

I didn't explaine properly. Yeah there is a git pane. When I said nothing I wanted to say that is forever loading...

I was expecting to see the new R script file I just created (Testing.R) in the project. In order to commit and push to the Github repo "Testing".

Yeah I checked it. But at this respect I take the opportunity to say that I had problems when I created the RSA key from this Menu because I couldn't change the path. Finally I had to accomplish using the command line. I don't know if it could be related...

Thanks again!

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