Git tab still missing in R studio (after tried some methods I saw online)

Installed R, R Studio, Git but when I opened R Studio, there was no Git tab, my laptop:
Windows 8.1, x64
R version: 3.5.1
R Studio version: 1.1.463
Git: 2.19.2
When I opened Tools/Global Options/GitSVN:
Git executable: C:/Program Files/Git/bin/git.exe
SVN executable: C:/Program Files/Git/bin/sh.exe

  • I cannot find any file called "svn.exe" in the git folder.

I tried to solve the issue by following methods, but none of them work:

  1. After I ran Sys.which("git") in the R Studio, the output was:
    "C:\\PROGRA~1\\Git\\cmd\\git.exe" , so I tried to change the git executable to cmd/git instead of bin/git , not work.
  2. Re-install everything, no success.
  3. Tried older Git version 2.14 but still no success.

Anyone can help me with this? Thank you!

The git tab won't appear until you are in a project with a git repo. You can add a git repro to your project via Tools -> Project Options -> Git/SVN

Here's a quick video illustration:


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